My Printer Modifications

Short write ups and links to all the STLs

Core INFI-20 Modification

This is my performance overhaul of the Sainsmart INFI-20 which aims to improve print quality and overall print reliability by replacing stock board with a SKR 1.3, TMC2209 stepper drivers, Klipper firmware, and swapping the stock hotend with a easier to service MK8 hotend.

KL-Mono mk1

The first iteration to modernize a Sainsmart KL-9 Resin 3d printer by replacing the masking LCD with a modern 8.9" Mono LCD screen and the newer Chituboard M1 while also experimenting with a new lightsource and larger modular aluminum extrusion frame.

KL-Mono Mk2

Second Iteration of mod that modernizes the Sainsmart KL-9 with newer masking LCD and control boards but only in a nicer CNC cut MDF case. Also minor design adjustments to the aluminum frame to improve ergonomics and cost.

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