I Was An Amazon Skeptic… Until Earned $4,000+ Profit In 2 Months

I never believed that Amazon was a viable way to sell products online. That was until I sold a product on Amazon.

Then I got hooked.

What I did not realize was that Amazon is a marketer’s dream playground.

Imagine if you will a platform where the search algorithm is as simple as Google’s in 2007, where you don’t have to worry about customer service or fulfillment, AND if you do you product selection correctly you can get a 30% profit margin on every sale.

The catch?

You have to worry about marketing it. Child’s play if you have any experience in marketing products online.

Here is the story of what one broke-ish internet marketer did to jumpstart his private label product on Amazon.

Before the Launch

Most people assume that the marketing starts after you launch the product
Nope, nope, nope.

Not doing any sort of pre-launch marketing while you are waiting for your inventory to arrive is a terrible and irresponsible.

There I said it, irresponsible.

You don’t need much, just a single landing page and a facebook page. No thrills that gets you results.

Here is how you do it in 5 easy steps:

  • Start with a facebook page build around the target niche your product covers. Cooking for Garlic Presses, Tennis for Tennis Balls, etc.
  • Setup and queue enough content for about 3-4 posts per day for the next 14-30 days. (Pinterest is awesome for getting highly shareable content to curate)
  • As the posts start rolling in start running Facebook ads targeted to build Likes, since you are a brand new page, you desperately need the social proof to be taken seriously later.
  • When you have samples of the product in hand take lots of professional (and candid/artsy photos ala instagram style) and start teasing out the product to your followers.
  • When you are ready to launch hit your followers with a pre-launch promo

This technique is simple, effective, and very cheap I don’t spend more than $200-300 for developing a pre-launch campaign on facebook. If you have the time and resources it can easily be scaled to other social media platforms. Get access to the PDF book here:

Optimize, optimize, optimize

If I had a dollar for every poorly optimized listing I’ve seen on amazon–even from major established fortune 500 brands I would be filthy rich.

Honest, there is nothing more soul destroying for me than seeing a product listing with a unformatted description and a title with less than 15 words in it.

And I am sure their sales reflect it.

Yes there are all sorts of external marketing tricks you could do to boost your sales, but it’s like trying to run a race with your shoes untied…

…Yes you can win the race, but think how much easier it would be to win if you just tied them up in the first place. Right?

Optimization is pretty easy, you have four points to cover:


  • Title
  • Bullet Points
  • Description
  • Images

The first three will directly affect your positioning in the Amazon search results, all of them will affect your conversion rates.

Take it from someone who has been involved in marketing for more than 5 years, it is far easier to increase your conversion rate than to increase your inbound traffic.

Think brands, not products.

It is my sincere belief that we are entering a stage where it is no longer viable to simply pick a product on Alibaba/AliExpress slap a $5 quasi-custom label and expect to make wild profits.

Rather I do see a time where new products will need more care and attention focused to developing your branding.

“What is branding really?” You might ask.

Branding is essential anything you add or attribute to the product to make it different and distinctive from rival products to gain a customer’s trust.

This can range from the content you put up on your social media to the packaging you surround your product with. I will be writing a dedicated blog post on this topic in the next week or two.

Wrapping up

These seem like 3 unrelated topics but in reality they are connected and contribute to one very important outcome–sales.

People get too wrapped up in tactics that they lose sight of the two things that determine the success of a product on amazon. How the product stands out from the competition and how many eyeballs goes to it.

Hopefully you found this post helpful, if you have questions or ideas to bounce feel free to comment below.


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